If you've ever cried out to the Universe "Please just tell me what to do!", the Universe has led you here

Take the next step now

All answers lie within you - all you have to do is reconnect. You can go from sad and exhausted to feeling hopeful and motivated with one mentoring session.

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Things can change as soon as you're ready to start.


Struggle is a sure sign you're on the wrong path, so let's change that

When you're struggling, your mental. physical and emotional energies get suppressed or scattered instead of flowing toward calm solutions, You feel disconnected and find it hard to hear your wise inner voice with such chaos happening inside and outside of your head.

So to begin, we'll quiet the chaos and take control. We'll tap into your inner wisdom through deep conversation designed to provide clarity and insight. Then we'll define doable action steps that lead to the change you want. Taking action is where the work begins and results happen. And mentoring is the fastest way to reach the finish line. Book your first session now.

Steps to success

Quiet the chaos and take control

Tap into your inner wisdom through conversation

Gain clarity and focus

Define action steps to succeed

Woman considering questions

Do these thoughts resonate with you?

  1. I long for a wise counselor, someone to understand my situation and guide me to a solution. I want an interactive mentor to help me achieve a brighter future. Not someone to tell me what to do, but someone who can lead me to my own discoveries.
  2. I find myself in a situation I can't resolve. This really bothers me because I'm normally self-sufficient. I pursue personal and spiritual development and I expect to have the answers, but now I go in circles. I'm exhausted.
  3. I feel abandoned by my Higher Power when I most need its intervention. I feel lost and disconnected from its healing energy. How can I reconnect?

If you answered yes to just one of the above, you are here for a reason

Are you ready for mentoring? Answer three questions

Are you open to new thoughts and perspectives?
Are you willing to change to get what you want?
Are you ready to take action to reach your goal?

IF YOUR ANSWERS ARE YES, you're a great candidate for mentoring. You're ready for change and I'd be honored to work with you.

Change is what it takes to be successful. I'll ask you to look at your life in new ways. I'll challenge your non-productive thinking and beliefs, the ones that hold you back. Together we'll devise a workable action plan to move you forward, and you'll get tools and guidance to make the journey a joyful experience. You're always in a non-judgment zone so you can relax, But you must do the work! You'll find it rewarding to have an accountability partner who offers compassion, feedback, and friendly support along the way.

Book your 30- or 60-minute session now


You may be wondering

Can I schedule individual sessions or do I have to buy a package?

You can schedule individual sessions anytime

30 minutes @ $85/session
60 minutes @ $150/session

All sessions include a 15-minute follow up call to discuss progress, go over questions, and celebrate "little victories"

Schedule an individual session now

A mentoring package provides you with

  • Weekly sessions you'll look forward to
  • Support and feedback to stay the course
  • A schedule to keep you moving
  • An accountability partner to keep you on track
  • Sessions that leave you motivated and uplifted

30-minute packages @ $83/session (6 or more weeks)
60-minute packages @ $147/session (6 or more weeks)

Schedule a 6-week package

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How long does it take to see results?

After the FIRST session, you'll

  • Feel calmer and more connected to your inner spirit or Higher Power
  • Gain more clarity and insight into solving your situation
  • Get a targeted assignment for the week
  • Experience progress as a result of doing the assignment
  • Discuss victories and challenges on a follow-up call

If you commit to weekly sessions, you'll see build results each week

  • Multiple sessions multiply the benefits of previous sessions
  • You can may even reach your goal in six weeks
  • Clients who haven't yet reached their goal may extend their sessions to keep the momentum going

You'll succeed if you do the work. I'll guide you along the way so you don't slip off course.

Where do we meet?

I'll phone you on the day and time of your appointment. No need to worry about getting dressed up for a video chat.

What does Feng Shui Wizardess mean?

One of my clients called me a Wizardess because he thought I was a wiz for integrating Feng Shui with my mentoring practice. As a long-time Feng Shui practitioner and teacher, I liked the label so much I adopted it as the title for my web domain. 

Why do I use Feng Shui with mentoring?

  • Feng Shui shows where obstacles and imbalances lie in your physical surroundings. You can modify faulty thinking by changing your environment.     
  • Mentoring helps you work through the real-life changes that need to happen to reach success, peace and calm. 
How long have you practiced mentoring and Feng Shui?

I've practiced and taught Feng Shui since the late '90s and became a Certified Life Coach in 2006 to hone my mentoring skills.

NOTE: If you'd like to meet me and others like yourself before booking a private session, please join our Feng Shui for Everyday Happiness & Success MeetUp via Zoom on the second Saturday of the month. Event details are listed here.


I have another question

What would you like to know? I'm happy to answer.

Send your question to julie@fengshuiwizardess.com and I'll be in touch. 

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