feng shui cleaning in home

Houston & Surrounding Areas only

Do you feel restless in your home? Do you sense something isn’t right but don’t know what to do about it? With Feng Shui, you can create a home that gives you a sense of peace and happiness.

To achieve this, we may try existing pictures or accessories in new places. Or we may rearrange furniture to open energy flow. You’ll know instantly when a placement is right.

Small changes often resolve life challenges. Expect to feel lighter, more motivated and more energized after your consultation.

In-Home Consultation Includes

  1. Tour of your home, mapping Feng Shui life areas to rooms and spaces
  2. Analysis of each room, suggestions to unblock energy and achieve greater balance and calm in your life
  3. Guidance for achieving specific goals
  4. Assistance and direction rearranging accessories, furnishings and help tame clutter for immediate flow and vitality
  5. Follow-up session to check progress and answer questions

Starting at $550

Let’s spend a few minutes talking about what you’d like to accomplish and allow me to answer any questions you may have. I want you to feel 100% confident about booking an in-home consultation with me. There is no obligation.