Julie Britt, Feng Shui Wizardess

Introducing Julie

Like most of my clients, I’m a life-long pursuer of knowledge through personal development and practical application.

In 1998, I began studying and incorporating the practice of modern Tibetan Feng Shui in my own life. After experiencing incredible results, I began mentoring and teaching Feng Shui for happiness and success in 2008.

I love sharing my knowledge and skills with fellow travelers who are ready for change. It is an honor to help my clients create happier, more joyful lives for themselves and their families.

Julie Britt is a Certified Life Coach and Feng Shui expert. She combines her passion for Feng Shui and mentoring into one powerhouse practice. Her expert tips spring from more than 20 years experience practicing Tibetan Feng Shui and over a decade teaching and consulting with Feng Shui and coaching/mentoring clients.

Her clients praise her warmth and ability to listen closely and read between the lines. She has a sixth sense and can quickly pinpoint imbalances in a client’s environment and recommend updates to facilitate change. During your Feng Shui consultation, she helps you free energy, clear obstacles, and harmonize your life from the outside-in. She sparks the inner change by spot-coaching to draw out your wisdom and help you recognize and trust it. Julie’s a life-long learner and natural teacher, constantly bringing new skills and strategies to her clients. She incorporates a number of spiritual approaches in her mentoring practice, including the Spiritual Laws of Success, and helps you align mental, physical and emotional aspects for lasting change.

Originally from the Gateway city of St. Louis, Julie lived in historic New Orleans for over a decade and eventually moved to Houston where she now resides. For fun she enjoys following popular culture plus dabbling in creative ventures such as cooking, folding origami and stretching her skills as a landscape gardener.