I help clients resolve relationship and other issues through Feng Shui Zoom sessions and personal mentoring

You've already written your life story into your surroundings. Rewrite troublesome parts by making smart changes to your environment
                        -- Julie Britt

Bring peace and harmony to your home with Feng Shui

Onsite Feng Shui

We regret onsite visits are currently unavailable due to the threat of Covid-19

 inner calm, reduce stress and frustration.

Zoom Feng Shui

Create a more peaceful home after a one-hour video consultation that looks at your photos and floor plan to provide solutions and insight.

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Schedule a mentoring session to work on an issue by phone. Feng Shui advice is included in the solution.

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Zoom Feng Shui session

Steps 1 and 2 take place before your session. You'll fill out a short form and include your floor plan and targeted photos ahead of time so we can get right down to work. Here's what we'll do.

1. Identify the energy centers of your home 

2. Custom-fit the Ba'gua to your floor plan

3. Focus on the rooms or spaces causing distress

4. Discuss ways to achieve pre-defined goals 

5. Provide specific actions to create change

Mentoring takes place on phone

Mentoring sessions are held by phone. Video not required

Mentoring sessions tackle specific issues

If you've ever cried out to the Universe "Please just tell me what to do!", a mentoring session may be the answer to your plea. Mentoring sessions provide clarity and use Feng Shui tools and activities to create change.

Here's what one formerly stressed client had to say after her first mentoring session

"Talking with you lit a fire under me to handle the things bugging me. I feel like I'm finally making progress."

Vicki Sherman

MAP Coach

Julie's one of those super smart, fun, creative beings who can help you declutter your path to your success with wit and wisdom!

She knew exactly what to focus on to move me forward successfully! She held me accountable to look deep inside myself and see what my clutter represented subconsciously. She recognized my strengths and victories and pulled me back from my detours without judgment.

I. Martinez

Founder/Executive Director of a Non-Profit Organization

After Julie's mentoring, my mind was suddenly freed of all the to-do-lists I'd been carrying in my head. I felt light as a butterfly.

Before Julie helped me cut my ties to clutter, I could never part with my books. Afterward, I filled 8 small grocery bags with books and donated them to Goodwill. Then I got rid of a trash bag of old/extra sheet sets we have not used in 20 years and I'm not finished yet.

Rick W

Self-Employed Sales Representative

When I think of my situation just a couple of years ago before I started working with Julie, I feel so grateful to be in a much better position now

...not only from a financial standpoint (I have money in the bank!) but also from a life standpoint. I'm truly looking forward to what comes next, in terms of life experiences, relationships, and my overall emotional and spiritual perspective on things. I do feel like I am in a position now where I may really be able to "make a difference." What I liked best about working with Julie was her generosity with her time, her empathy and her advice.

K Cochran

Customer Service Representative

Julie's suggestions have helped me clear a lot of stuff out of my home

Julie's mentoring sessions are informative and insightful. I feel so much lighter and my house seems so much bigger....and I still have more to go. So glad I met Julie when I did!!!

Laura M

Julie is amazing. I’ve used her as a mentor and have taken her classes.

She has a natural intuitive ability to help her client with what they need. She guides you to handle what may seem like a big task and break it down into manageable tasks. The wonderful outcome is my life has improved since working with her.

Ida R

Julie has extensive knowledge and expertise in Feng Shui

which she shares in very effective user-friendly ways. Two thumbs up!

Pat M

Member, Feng Shui for Everyday Happiness & Success MeetUp

After a group mentoring session, I woke up at 5am and started cleaning and decluttering while listening
to music.

Can I just say that has NEVER happened before! Your classes are
soooo inspiring!
To say the words “thank you” does not seem enough.


Empathic Intuitive Professional

I really appreciate her help, and it has already made a difference after one session. Even during Mercury retrograde, I've been able to move forward to make some phone calls to handle situations where I was procrastinating.