Hi, I’m Julie. For more than 20 years, I’ve devoted myself to mastering the art of decluttering using Feng Shui practices to create happiness and harmony for myself and others. And I can say with assurance that clearing clutter can definitely change your life. 

Do you have major clutter that’s collected over months, years or decades?

If so, imagine being able to ‘go through’ that mountain of stuff, make quick decisions, feel confident and clear your clutter in 6 weeks or less.

Why six weeks and not week or a weekend? Because you need time to mentally and emotionally adjust to the process of decluttering. YOUR clutter tugs at your heart, confuses your priorities and resists letting go. Have you ever wondered why?

Your clutter is more than a collection of odds and ends stored somewhere. Your clutter is the history of your life. 

Your old teddy bear, a child’s pink bike, boxes of photographs, a broken clock, sports trophies, your mother’s china. Each item evokes memories, decisions, regrets, hopes, dreams and more. Clutter casts a spell and breaking the spell causes anxiety, fear and guilt. Breaking free, however, allows you to relax, honor the past, keep what is relevant, and create space for fresh, new energy to enter. 

Have you said, “I have to go through that [box, room, shelf, cabinet, etc.] first,” but then find it impossible to make progress when you do?

Making constant decisions as you “go through” your life’s possessions is exhausting. Will you keep, toss, recycle, resell or donate this item, repeat, repeat, repeat. You know not everything that looks like junk is junk (or is it?). How about those lovely Christmas cards you carefully saved? Only you can decide what stays and what goes. Having someone to guide you through decision-making and give you new perspective means you’ll avoid being overwhelmed or quit before you’re finished.

Work with me to see long-term results in a short time span  

Allow me to guide you through the emotional, mental and physical challenges of letting go so you can joyfully clear your space once and for all.

My declutter program covers 6 weeks of coaching, guidance and support to help you remove clutter from your life. It’s possible to accomplish your goal faster than 6 weeks if you’d like to move faster and results will be the same. You’ll have cleared your clutter, gotten a new perspective, and changed your life in the process. 

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